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RFID UHF Animal Tag
Product Code : T 30029
Product Price:     $ 1,490.00 for 1000 Unit
Brief Description : Inquire Now for Quantity Discounts




UHF Animal Tag Pro : T 30029
One of RFID’s many applications, Animal Tags is the most widely used Product to automate Animal Farms and is used for livestock identification. Animals such as cattle and sheep are tagged for purposes such as disease control, breeding manage­ment and also for stock management. This RFID tag that can be attached to an animal’s ear and operates at UHF Frequency range of 860 Mhz- 960 Mhz.

This tag is optimised to provide a read distance of up to 12 meter in a dense environment. The Tag is very rugged and is designed for hazardous conditions. This Tag is Waterproof, Resistant to chemicals, Shock & vibration proof and has been tested to provide the best read range possible


Reading Rate
Software ProgrammableAverage Reading per 64Bits<10ms
Read Distance
Up to Maximum 12 Meter ( Reader Dependent)
12 g
ISO EPC Gen-2 (18000-6C)
Operation Mode
Fixed Frequency or FHSS Software Programmable
Memory capacity
512 Bit
Operating Frequency
860- 960 Mhz
(Storage) - 55°C to +100°C,
(Operating) at -40°C to 85°C
Operating Specifications
Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10%HCL


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Cindy Patton
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